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Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta of Holstein-Gottorp 1759-1818

Princess Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta married her cousin, Duke Karl, later King Karl XIII in 1809.

Queen Charlotta is known for her diary, which consisted of many fictitious letters between her and her friend Sofie Piper. Her diary contains political comments and detailed descriptions of life at the Royal Court. It was preserved for posterity, and was published in 1902. Her diary has proven a valuable source of material for historical research.

Queen Charlotta also founded Sweden's first school for deaf-mute pupils in Stockholm in 1809.

Portrait by Alexander Roslin, 1774, oil on canvas. Photo: The National Museum

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Queen: Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta of Holstein-Gottorp
Reign: 1809-1818
King: Karl XIII
Dynasty: Holstein-Gottorp

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