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Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander 1816–1881

Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander worked as an architect at Drottningholm and at Svartsjö summer palace, while also teaching at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts' School of Ornamentation. The Hall of State at Drottningholm Palace was converted into a gallery with portraits of rulers who were contemporaries of King Oskar I.

When Crown Prince Karl (XV) took over Ulriksdal Palace, the palace was decorated in various historical styles. Ulriksdal Palace Chapel in the palace park was built in the Dutch Renaissance style, alluding to the fact that Queen Lovisa was born in Holland.

When King Karl XV was crowned in 1859, a number of new interiors were also produced for the Royal Palace. The Cabinet Meeting Room at the Royal Palace was given an impressive new interior, and the dining room – now known as the Karl XV Hall – was decorated with old gilded leather wall coverings. These had been purchased during the 17th century for Ulrika Eleonora the Elder, and were now given a historically accurate setting. The Hall of Mirrors ballroom was decorated for King Karl XV and Queen Lovisa in the Renaissance style, inspired by the Palazzo Serra in Genoa.

Stockholm Palace, Blue Salon. Inscription on the plan: "Sketch for the decoration of Her Majesty The Queen's Dining Room." F.W. Scholander, 1855.

Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander

Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander. Photo: Lemercier, Paris

Palace architect
Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander

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