The Palace, Drottningholm

Interior Drottningholm Palace. Photo: The Royal Court/Alexis Daflos.
Throughout the years Drottningholm Palace has changed and the royal personages who lived here have left their mark on the palace's interiors – influenced by changes in style and fashion trends.
Hedvig Eleonora, Lovisa Ulrika and Gustav III have all contributed markedly to the interior decoration of the reception halls.

Hedvig Eleonora's state bedchamber was the heart of the state reception suite in the 1600s and was created by the country's foremost artists and craftsmen.

You will also find a series of rooms decorated for Gustav III during the 1700s, amongst others the Chinese Salon featuring the popular trend of that period – chinoiserie.

The reception halls are open year round for visitors. Also available are guided tours for individuals, guided tours for groups, theme visits as well as guided tours for children.