Exhibition Drawing exhibition The Thinking Hand

The Thinking Hand exhibition is an annual scholarship competition for young draftsmen. See this year's nominees and their artwork in the digital gallery here at the web site. The digital exhibition is on view 23 April to 23 June 2022.

Dear art lovers!

The opening of The Thinking Hand drawing competition has become a sign that spring is finally here.

This is the sixth time that the competition has been arranged. And it delights me that this is an opportunity to acknowledge and encourage young people at the beginning of their artistic careers.

My grandfather, King Gustaf VI Adolf, had a genuine interest in art. For example, he supported Nationalmuseum’s Young Draftsmen drawing competition for many years. This competition was an important source of inspiration for The Thinking Hand.

For a few years now, the works of the ten nominated artists have been shown digitally. We are continuing to do so this year. In this way, I hope that more people around the country will be able to see this fantastic exhibition.

A warm welcome to The Thinking Hand!

HM THE KING'S SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION is open to young draftsmen working with visual interpretation within art, architecture, fashion, design, illustration, game development and other related fields. The scholarship competition and exhibition is a collaboration between the Royal Court and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

THE 2022 NOMINEES are Kayo Mpoyi, Simon Persson, Erik GustafssonFelix Christiansson, Gabriel Gabriel Garble, Hilda Hildoria LarssonMåns Palmberg, Stina Eldsten, Pontus Johansson, and Selma Morshedi, each participating with several artworks. The participants are nomineed by a selection committee from the Royal Academy.

Click on each nominee's name or artwork below to enter the artist page and see all their contributions to the scholarship competition and exhibition!

A JURY appoints three of the nominees to the scholarships, each receiving SEK 100,000. The jury consist of HRH Prince Carl Philip, Isabella Nilsson, Permanent secretary at the the Royal Academy, artists Annette Senneby, Leif Elggren and architect Petra Gipp, commissioner at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.


In the Bernadotte Family, each generation has shown a commitment to culture and a desire to support those who work with art. We wish to wish to make special mention of Gustaf VI Adolf, a founding member of the Friends of the National Museum in 1911 and whose many years of support for the National Museum's drawing competition 'Young Draftsmen' has been a source of inspiration for the drawing competition 'The Thinking Hand'. Using his position to bring attention to, aid and support young artists was a matter of course for the former king, as it is for our current King and his son Prince Carl Philip, who has served on the jury for the scholarship competition since its inception in 2017.