Evening tour

The Royal Palace of Stockholm was, and still is, the place to hear the latest news about the Swedish Royal Family. Join us for an evening viewing filled with some of the most important events in Swedish Royal history.

An hour of “who was who” and “this is where it actually happened”. We will give you some tips to easily remember all the Carls and Gustafs in the list of Swedish monarchs, so you can impress your friends and colleagues next time you see them.

Our guide Anna Radford will take you through 1,000 years in 3,000 seconds (50 minutes).

The guided tour is in English.


Online tickets are available via the ticket link. Tickets can also be purchased from the ticket desk at the Royal Palace of Stockholm during ordinary opening hours.

Gala Dinner at the Royal Palace, October 1947. Gustaf (VI) Adolf, Crown Princess Louise, Prince Carl, Princess Ingeborg of Denmark, Princess Sibylla, Prince Bertil, King Frederik of Denmark, King Gustaf V and Queen Ingrid of Denmark. Photo: The archive of the Bernadotte Library