Bach in Swedish

Acclaimed duo Gunnar Idenstam and Lisa Rydberg interpret Bach on a very special stage: King Gustav III's Theatre at Gripsholm Castle.

With their classical training, and firmly rooted in the traditions of Swedish folk music, concert organist Gunnar Idenstam and Lisa Rydberg, a violinist specialising in Baroque music, play dances by Bach alongside Swedish folk music.

The pieces of music have much in common: melody lines, harmonies, accents, ornamentations and rhythmic features. Today's clear distinction between 'classical' and 'folk' music did not exist at the time of the Baroque era. Instead, there was a living tradition of dances that were sometimes written down and sometimes passed on orally.

Top image: Idenstam & Rydberg. Photo: Per-Åke Persson

Music at Gripsholm
Summer series of concerts 2019:

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Don't miss this opportunity to see a memorable performance on the rarely used theatrical stage at Gripsholm Castle. Photo: Alexis Daflos/